Iodine Crystalline


Crystalline iodine – it is present in solid form at room temperature. It is a blue-black, shiny crystal body. During heating, it releases purple fumes with a characteristic irritating odor.

Properties: Poorly dissolved in water. It is well soluble in Lugol and chloroform, alcohols and other organic solvents.

Iodine belongs to elements that are not very common in nature. Larger amounts occur in seawater and brines, it also accompanies potassium nitrate deposits, eg in Chile. It is also found in many everyday foods such as milk, eggs, vegetables and fish, provided they come from areas where iodine is found in soil and in water. However, these are quantities that do not cover the daily human demand website here.


– as a disinfectant (iodine)

– is a component of Lugol’s liquid

– in chemical analysis (the so-called iodine detection of starch)

– ideal for effective chemical experiments

– in the production of dyes and in photography


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