Ammonium Chloride

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Chemical description for Ammonium Chloride

Chemical names: Ammonium Chloride, Sal ammoniac, Salmiac, Nushadir salt, Sal armagnac, Salt armoniack

CAS: 12125-02-9

EC: 235-186-4

Purity: 99.5%

Melting Point: 338° C

Boiling Point: 520° C

Flash Point: N/A

Usage: Ammonium chloride is used as a flux in preparing metals to be tin coated, galvanized or soldered. It works as a flux by cleaning the surface of workpieces by reacting with the metal oxides at the surface to form a volatile metal chloride. For that purpose, it is sold in blocks at hardware stores for use in cleaning the tip of a soldering iron, and it can also be included in solder as flux. Ammonium chloride is used to produce low temperatures in cooling baths. Ammonium chloride solutions with ammonia are used as buffer solutions including ACK (Ammonium-Chloride-Potassium) lysis buffer.

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