Welcome at our shop

BDOSHOP.com is company StarCom located in Poland – Europe.

We are a group experienced and professional enthusiastic people specialized in distribution chemical and lab supplies.

We started our company for filling out requirements and demands for not expensive and high quality solutions for all needs required in laboratory, technical and industrial environment.

We are able to provide wide range of product lines so we can meets demands for supply of many sectors of industries and areas. All this is done thanks to solid business relationships with the major international and most reputable manufactures. We are able to meet our customers needs offering full loads and smaller quantities.

Our offer cover:
-Automotive Additives,
-and many others.

BDOSHOP.com provide high quality chemicals and great innovation for industries such as ink, glue, paint, cosmetic, cleaning sector, sanitary products, construction, textile, polymer, polyester, leather, photography and agricultural areas.

Our offer cover also very unique and rare products that can be used in university environment in developing wide variety of goods so our supply make contribution in improving standards of living for people around the world.

We put strong pressure on offering only highest quality products, unbeatable prices, convenient payment methods, fast dispatch time, safe packing, solid shipping ways and great customer service.

Our core features include honesty, competitive pricing, satisfaction of customers, easy and hassle free shopping – it’s our pride to be such solid and reliable shop.

Please explore our website and contact us as we would love to listen suggestions from our clients.